Website & Branding Critique

Your website, brand, and the work you choose to show can make or break a business. You are either attracting your ideal client or repelling them (i.e. they are choosing your competitors - yikes).  This topic focuses on defining your ideal client and knowing what to do to make your website appeal to them. We will look at your website structure, branding/logo, and go through the current presentation of your work. I'll then guide you through the changes you should consider in order to start getting those ideal clients to hire you. 

What to Book: 1 hr  Skype Q&A Session


SEO / Analytics

What is SEO? How do I start showing on Google? These are the questions business owners seem to dread the most. We will start by going over exactly what SEO means and how Google works. Getting this base understanding will help you make better decisions to start ranking higher. We will also go through each part of your site and I will tell you the best practices to be using in terms of URLs, image titles, alt text, tags, etc. Fear SEO no longer! 

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A business cannot make money without some sort of marketing. There are a variety of paid as well as free advertising tactics that all businesses can use. This includes everything from increasing your word of mouth referrals to Pinterest Ads to newsletters to promoted posts to magazine/blog features. We will assess where your business is at currently and what new marketing avenues may be a good fit. 

What to Book: 2 hr Skype Q&A session


The basics / How to Shoot Manual

So you got a new camera. Yay! When I first purchased a camera I was so excited... until I started to take some photos and they looked NOTHING like what I wanted them to look like. It was so frustrating. I tried to watch online tutorials but it still took me so long to figure it out. Looking back I wish I had just hired an experienced photographer who could show me the ins and outs of the camera, which lenses to use, what settings are best, etc. This is for those who learn best through hands on learning.

What to Book: Custom In-Person Teaching



This is probably one of the most frustrating and labor intensive parts of being a photographer. While I fully believe the look of photos is much more in the shooting then in post production I do believe knowing how to edit can really make an image pop. We will go through each module in Lightroom and I'll explain how each part functions. I'll show you lots of tips and tricks to easily edit blemishes, add toning, correct for crooked lines, and the list goes on. There is so much Lightroom can do.

What to Book: 2 hr Skype Q&A Session


Business Set-Up

Want to start a business but have no idea where to begin? Or are you in the beginning stages and feeling a bit lost? I can walk you through a quick start process of registering your business name, nailing a solid brand, putting together a great website, and getting you launched with some basic business best practices. 

What to Book: 1 hr Skype Q&A session