1 Hr Skype Q&A

An hour session over Skype where you can ask me anything. We can go over marketing, SEO, your portfolio - anything you want to learn. 


2 hr Skype Q&A

A 2 hour session over Skype for more intensive topics like post production, business set-up, or anything that is a bit more in-depth.



Shooting - The Basics

An hour in-person session where we will go over your gear and how to use it to the most of its abilities. This is best for those who are very new to photography and just learning to use a camera. 



This is a 3 month program to get your business on track. It includes six 1 hour Skype meetings, two each month, including email advising and follow-ups in between. We will develop a step-by-step action plan to completely overhaul your business, website, branding, portfolio. We will also define your ideal client and come up with a list of marketing opportunities so you can start getting more inquiries, and thus, more bookings.